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The 4th China Intrenational Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit

Transformation and Upgrading & Comprehensive and High-value Utilization

The China's Bioenergy Premier Meeting Place
2016.4.21-22 Beijing·China



The 3rd China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit (BBS 2015) has been successfully held in Shanghai on May 21st-22nd, 2015. BBS 2015 Organizing Committee has brought together more than 650 representatives from industrial enterprises, research institutes as well as colleges over 20 countries. The scale of the summit is much larger than previous events.

As a very important platform for information exchanges between domestic and overseas bioenergy industry, BBS SUMMIT holds every year, and so far it has been successfully held three years, and spoken highly by delegates. In order to keep up with the direction and trend of industry development, promote transformation and upgrading of biomass industry, actively promote the improvement of China’s related bioenergy policy, further enhance communication and cooperation globally, the 4th China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit (BBS 2016) will be held in Beijing on Apr.21-22, 2016. The theme of BBS 2016 is “Transformation and Upgrading & Comprehensive and High-value Utilization”. Besides, the main forum and four sub-forums, BBS 2016 will further promote the communication and cooperation among biomass industry by product showcasing, match-making meetings, one-to-one media interview and technical visit. On main forum, we will invite related bioenergy leaders, academicians, and professors to share the industrial and technical development in macroscopic aspect. On sub-forums, we will focus on four aspects: Biogas, Advanced Biofuels,Bio-Power and Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating. BBS 2016 will bring together over 800 delegates to discuss the latest cases and future development trend of the four aspects. At the same time, BBS 2016 Committee will explore the sustainable development of biomass industry with all peers. Your active participation will be appreciated. 

  • World Bioenergy Association
  • Hainan Renewable Energy Association
  • Advanced Biofuels USA
  • QZ Events
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Call for Papers of BBS 2016

Who Will Attend?

By Industry
  • Biogas
  • Advanced Biofuels and Biorefinery
  • Biopower and MSW To Electricity
  • Biomass Pellets and Heating
By Geography
  • China
  • Europe
  • Other Asian Countries
  • America
  • Others
By Job Title
  • President,VP,

  • Director/Manager of R
    &D,Technology,Production and Quality

  • Director/Manager of Marketing,
    BD and Sales

  • Research Institutes/Universities

  • Others

Comprehensive covering the whole industry chain
  • Biomass Materials
  • Biomass Pretreatment
  • Biomass Conversion Technology
  • Biological Refining Pyrolysis and Gasification
  • Biogas - Biological Methane
  • Advanced Biomass Liquid Fuels and Biomass Refining
  • Solid Fuel and Heating
  • Agriculture and Forestry Waste Power Generation and City Garbage Power Generation

Agenda at a Glance

  • Workshop One:

    Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant: Market Demand & Policy-oriented

  • Topic One: Prospect of Thirteenth Five Year Plan on Biogas

    General Thought
    Goal Orientation
    Construction Principle
    Regional Distribution
    Main Task
    Supporting Measures

    Topic Two: Active Summary of Pilot Experience and Problem on 2015 Rural Biogas Plant Transformation and Upgrading Work Program

    Large-scale Biogas Plant
    Large-scale Biomethane Plant

    Topic Three: Current Status, Policy and Trend of Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant at home and abroad

    North America
    Southeast Asia

    Topic Four: Market Prospect of Biogas Upgrading Based on Different Feedstock

    Straw, Agricultural and Forestry Residues
    Livestock & Poultry Manure
    Sewage Sludge, Organic Wastes(Including Kitchen Waste)
    Organic Industrial Waste Water and Waste Residue
    Landfill Gas

    Topic Five: “IOT+” Intelligent Biogas Plant

    Information Collection and Transmission System
    ntelligent Control System
    Video Monitoring System
    Intelligent Warning System
    Database and Fault Handling System

    Panel Discussion

  • Workshop Two:

    Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant: Technical Route

  • Topic one: Storage and Pretreatment System Based on Different Feedstock

    Straw, Agricultural and Forestry Residues
    Livestock & Poultry Manure
    Sewage Sludge, Organic Wastes(Including Kitchen Waste)
    Organic Industrial Waste Water and Waste Residue
    Landfill Gas
  • Topic Two:Anaerobic Digestion System Based on Different Feedstock

    PFR & HCF
    Upflow Solids Reactor (USR
    Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor(CSTR)

    Topic Three: CHP

    Biogas Generator

    Topic Four: Intelligent Monitoring System

    Operation Monitoring of Biogas Plant
    Metrological Management
    System Status Pre-warning
    Automatic Emergency Device

    Topic Five: Biogas Utilization System

    A:Biogas Desulfurization Purification Technology and Equipment
    B:Biogas Upgrading Technology and Equipment
    C:Biogas Storage Distribution System

    Topic Six: Biogas Manure Utilization System

    Solid Organic Fertilizer
    Liquid Organic Fertilizer

    Panel Discussion

  • Workshop Three:

    Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant: Project Operations & Management

  • Topic One:Sharing on Successful Cases on Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant at home and abroad

    Raw Material Collection Mode
    Project Construction and Management Mode
    Main Technical Standards
    Trade Barriers and Institutional Barriers

    Topic Two:Terminal Product Sales Channels of Biomethane Plant

    Urban Gas Pipe Network
    Vehicle Gas
    Canning Sales

    Topic Three:Supporting Policy of Large-scale Biogas Plant & Biomethane Plant

    Production Subsidies Policy
    Preferential Tax Policy

    Panel Discussion

  • Workshop:Advanced Biofuels Forum

    The 4th China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit General Meeting

  • Topic One

    Advanced Biofuels: Market Demand & Policy-oriented

    1.Thirteenth Five Year Plan on Advanced Biofuels
    2.Current Status and Prospect of Production of Biofuels from Biomass
    3.Interpretation and Analysis of Policy Environment for Advanced Biofuels
    4.Technical Innovation and Commercial Prospect of Advanced Biofuels
    5.Case Sharing on Overseas Cellulosic Ethanol Commercial Projects
  • Topic Two

    Advanced Biofuels: Feedstock

    1.Policy Study on Future Bioenergy Feedstock Development in Our Country
    2.Forestry Bioenergy Feedstock Development and Policy Interpretation
    3.Resource Assessment, Effectiveness & Cost Management of Non-food Biomass Feedstock
    4.The Large-Scale Production, Harvesting and Pretreatment Technologies of Non-food Biomass Feedstock
    5.Tree Species Resources, Breeding and Cultivating Key Technology
    6.Research on Harvest Technology and Equipment of China Raw Material
    7.The Application of IOT & Big Data in Collection-Carry-Store for Non-food Biomass Feedstock
    8.Feedstock Collection-Carry-Store Mode
  • Topic There

    Algae Biofules

    1.Algae Biofuel Resources Potential, Research Progress and Key Issue in China
    2.Overseas Algae Biofuel: Research Progress and Case Study
    3.Algae Breeding and Systems Biology
    4.Microalgae Growing, Harvesting and Extraction Technologies
    5.Scaling Up Algae Production to Commercially Viable Levels
    6.Algae Biofuels Technology Roadmap and Commercial Prospect
  • Topic Four

    Advanced Biofuels: Cellulosic Ethanol

    1.Technologies and Challenges of Competitive Cellulosic Ethanol Production
    2.Commercial Devices and Industrialization Progress of Cellulosic Ethanol
    3.Development of Enzymes and Processes for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
    4.Conversion Of Cellulose to Ethanol: Pre-Treatment, Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Fermentation
    5.Cellulosic Ethanol Wastewater Treatment New Technology
    6.Efficient Separation & High Value Applications of Lignocelluloses
    7.Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation of Rice Straw into Ethanol.
    8.Corncob Residue Produces Cellulosic Ethanol
  • Topic Five


    1.Development Status, Problems & Policy Suggestion of Biodiesel
    2.Waste Oils and Fats Recycling and Utilizing System & Related Laws and Regulations Research
    3.Research Status and Prospect of Microalgae as Raw Material to Produce Biodiesel
    4.Research on Cooking Oil Preparation of Biodiesel
    5.Research Progress of Biodiesel Feedstock and Reaction Equipment
    6.Bodiesel Testing Standard and Quality Control
    7.Bodiesel Fast Pyrolysis and Hydropyrolysis Technology
    8.Clean Production of Bodiesel
  • Topic Six

    Aviation Biofuels and Vehicle Fuel

    1.Current Situation and Thinking of China Aviation Biofuels
    2.Development and Challenge of Aviation Biofuels
    3.Aviation Biofuels Preparative Technique and Application Research Progress
    4.Current Situation and Prospect of Aviation Biofuels
    5.New Progress of Sino-US Aviation Biofuels Research
    6.Key Technologies of Conversion of Cooking Oil into Aviation Biofuels and Commercial Prospect
    7.National Standards and Market Prospect of Vehicle Fuel
    8.Key Technologies Research of Vehicle Fuel
  • Topic Seven

    Bio-based Chemicals

    1.The Status and Potential Market of Global Bio-based Chemicals Production
    2.The Technical Breakthrough and Prospect of Polyether Polyols Based on Biomaterials
    3.The Technical Progress and Exploitation of Ethylene, Lactic for the Preparation of Bulk Chemicals
    4.Development Progress of Bio-based Rubber, Bio-based Nylon, Bio-based Lubricants
    5.The Technologies and Mechanism on Gasification of Bio-oil for Synthesis Gas
    6.The New Synthetic Liquid Fuels and Preparation Techniques
    7.The Progress in Bio-oil Refining Technology and Poly-generation Project Demonstration
  • Workshop:Bio-Power Forum

    The 4th China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit General Meeting

  • Topic One:

    New Standard, New Pattern and New Opportunities of Biomass Power Generation Industry Recently

    Topic Two:

    “IOT+” Biomass Power Plants

    Topic Three:

    Harvesting Technology, Storage and Transport on Biomass Raw Materials

    Topic Four:

    Biomass Gasification Power Generation Technologies and Equipments

    Topic Five:

    Biomass Direct Combustion Power Generation & Biomass Co-firing Power Generation Technologies and Equipments

  • Topic Six:

    Biomass Boiler Technologies and Equipments

    Topic Seven:

    Biomass Steam Turbine Technologies and Equipments

    Topic Eight:

    Anticorrosion, Antiabrasion Technologies and Materials Used in Biomass Power Plants

    Topic Nine:

    Fume Pollution Control and Preventive Solutions of Biomass Power Plants

    Topic Ten:

    Electrical Automation and Process Control of Biomass Power Plants

  • Workshop:Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating Forum

    The 4th China International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit General Meeting

  • Topic One

    Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating:Market Demand & Policy-oriented

    1.Prospect of Thirteenth Five Year Plan on Biomass
    2.Current Status and Trend of China Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating
    3.Policy Analysis, Subsidy and Support for Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating
    4.Economic & Social Benefit for Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating
  • Topic Two

    Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating:Raw Material Supply & Molding

    1.Biomass Resource & Domestic and Overseas Utilization
    2.New Exploration of Collection-Carry-Store Mode for Biomass Feedstock
    3.Biomass Pellet Molding Equipment and Chain
    4.Biomass Pellet Characteristic, Technology and Molding Standard
    5.Molding Technical Difficulties at Present Stage and Latest Technology Application
    6.Best Practice in Crop Straw Harvesting Technology and Equipment
  • Topic Three

    Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating:Combustion Technologies

    1.The Basic Characteristics of Biomass Fuel
    2.Biomass Combustion Equipment and Technology
    3.The Problem and Settlement in Process of Biomass Combustion
    4.The Trend of Biomass Combustion Technology
  • Topic Four:

    Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating:Heating Boiler Technologies

    1.The Key Points of Design for Biomass Pellet Boiler
    2.Direct Fired Technology and Complete Auxiliaries of Biomass Pellet Boiler
    3.Exhaust Emission Control Technology of Biomass Pellet Boiler
    4.Installation, Adjustment, Operation and Maintenance of Biomass Pellet Boiler
  • Topic Five:

    Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating:Standard Certification & Project Management

    1.The Progress of Standard Establishment in Our Country
    2.Application Status and Standard of Biomass Pellet Boiler
    3.Reconstruction Principle, Application and Technological Means of Biomass Boiler
    4.Heating Mode and Business Mode of Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating
    5.Operation and Management of Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating Project
  • Topic Six:

    Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating:Energy Management Contracting(EMC)

    1.Current Status and Trend of China’s EMC
    2.The Latest Policy Interpretation of EMC
    3.Explanation of Common Problems(eg: guarantee, lease, mortgage, law)in Energy Efficiency Project Financing
    4.Investment, Construction and Management of EMC Mode
    5.Application and Project Matching of EMC in Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating
    6.Introduction of Successful Cases and Operational Management Experiences of EMC in Biomass Pellet Boiler Heating


Inviting Speakers

  • Xiaosong Wu

    National Development and Reform Commission Rural Economy Department
    eputy Director
  • Jingming Li

    Rural Energy&Environment Agency, Ministry of Agriculture,Renewable Energy Resources
  • Liangwei Deng

    Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture
    Chief Engineer
  • Longlong Ma

    Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, CAS
  • Jerry Murphy

    Task 37 “Energy from Biogas” for the trimester 2016 – 2018,International Energy Agency (IEA)
    Chief scientist
  • Kaijun Wang

    Tsinghua University
  • Michael Nelles

    DBFZ German Biomass Research Centre
    Scientific Managing Director
  • Hongjun Zhou

    New Energy Research Institute, China University of Petroleum Beijing Executive
    Vice Dean
  • Xiujin Li

    Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  • Rongbo Guo

    Qingdao Institue of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zongjun Cui

    College of Agriculture and Biotechnology ,China Agricultural University
  • Renjie Dong

    BioEnergy Engineering and Low Carbon Technology Laboratory, China Agricultural University
  • Ling Qiu

    China Biogas Society
    Vice Chairman
  • Hongguang Zhu

    Bioenergy Institute of Tongji University Group founding
  • Wenzhi Pan

    Beijing Helee Bio-Energy Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Changda Cai

    Hangzhou Energy& Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd
  • Man Cao

    Qingdao Tianren Environment Co.,Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Tong Boitin

    Chengdu DeTong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd
    General Manager
  • Jun Shi

    Beijing Sanyi Green Energy Development CO., LTD
    General Manager
  • Yang Qiao

    CECEP Green Carbon Environmental Protection,
    General Manager
  • Taili Dong

    Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd
    Chief Engineer
  • Haofu Luo

    Hannai Shenzhou New Energy Construction & Development Co.,Ltd
  • Jianhua Zhou

    Beijing Yingherui Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd
    General Manager
  • Xiangyang He

    Hubei Modern Dairy Co.,Ltd,
    General Manager
  • Aixiang Gao

    Zhongju Tianguan
    Deputy General Manager
  • Lidong Chen

    Chifeng Yuan Yi Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.,
  • Peter Cheng

    Xebec Adsorption Inc.,
    General Manager
  • Xiaolin Liu

    Envitec Biogas AG, EnviTec Biogas AG
    Envitec Biogas AG, EnviTec Biogas AG
  • Hao Huang

    Sales Manager
  • Shengli Cheng

    PURAC Environmental System (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
    Project Manager
  • Liguo Sun

    Beijing Polytide Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Jiankun Cao

    Tianjin Hi-tech Enterprise Co.,Ltd
    Vice general manager and technical
  • Yinghai Liu

    Beijing Golden Green Environmental Engineerin Technical Co.,Ltd.,
    Technical Director
  • Kun Huang

    GE Power Generation China
    Marketing Director
  • Antonio Saavedra

    Greenlane Biogas,
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Willy Gils

    Waterleau Group,
    VP sales & marketing
  • BoFei Han

    Yantai Moon Co.,Ltd
    Gas Deputy General Manager
  • Xiaokang Du

    Xiaokang Du
    Product Manager
  • Ivan Williams

    Commercial Director
  • Xiaoyu Chen

    Evonik Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
    Business Development Manager
  • Tianwei Tan

    China Academy of Engineering
  • Michael McAdams

    Advanced Biofuels Association
  • Xuefeng Lv

    Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Deputy Director
  • Shizhong Li

    Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology ,Tsinghua University
    Deputy Director
  • Xu Fang

    College of Life Sciences, Shandong University
  • DehuaLiu

    Institute of Applied Chemistry ,Tsinghua University
  • Changzhu Li

    Hunan Academy of Forestry
  • Gongke Zhou

    Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, CAS
  • Tiejun Wang

    Biomass Synthesis fuels and Chemicals Lab Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zongbao Zhao

    Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Qi Xie

    and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS
  • Guangqiu Wang

    COMAC's Beijing Aeronautical Science & Technology Research Institute
    Vice President
  • Minsheng Liu

    Bioenergy Institute of ENN Group founding
  • Guido Ghisolfi

    Beta Renewables
  • Anton Robek

    President DSM Biobased Products & Services President
  • Michael Fredskov

    Christiansen Novozymes China
  • Rickard Andersson

    Valmet Bio Technology and Environmental Systems
    Vice President
  • Hai Zhao

    Chengdu Institute of Biology,Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Lars Peter Lindfors

    Neste Oil
  • Zongbao Zhao

    Daliab Instiyute of Chemical Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Jim Rekoske

    Honeywell's UOP Vice President and General Manager of the Renewable Energy
  • Sean Simpson

    LanzaTech Chief Scientific Officer
  • Guanghui Xie

    National Energy R.D Center for Non-food Biomass
    Deputy Director
  • Hailong Lin

    COFCO Biochemical Research Institute of R.D Center
    R.D Manager
  • Fengguang Du

    Tianguang Group
  • Shaobo Cheng

    Shandong Longlive Bio-technology Co., Ltd
  • Shanlin Sun

    China Biodiesel Industry Association
  • Benny Mai

    DONG Energy New Bio Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Qisheng Zhang

    Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Yongping Yang

    North China Electric Power University
    Deputy Headmaster
  • Zhansong Wu

    Tsinghua University
  • Yilong Chen

    Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group Co., Ltd
  • Huiyong Zhuang

    Science and Technology Department, National Bio Energy Co., Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Zhongyang Luo

    The Department of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University
  • Zhongyang Luo

    The Department of Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University
  • Changqing Dong

    North China Electric Power University
  • Yanguo Zhang

    Tsinghua University
  • Peilin Yang

    Vermeer Corporation
    Applied Engineer
  • Youqing Wu

    East China University
  • Aki Niemi

    Valmet Managing
    Director China
  • Dongfei Gai

    Shandong Electric Power Engineering consulting Institute Corp.,LTD
    senior engineer
  • Zhaojun Guan

    DP CleanTech Co., Ltd
    Head of Asian Engineering Technology
  • Yongliang Yang

    Business Division, Chant Group Biomass
    General Manager
  • Yonghua Li

    Anhui Guozhen Biomass Power Generation Co.,Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Qichao Shao

    New Energy Center,Everbright Environmental Protection Holdings Limited
    General Manager
  • Yuchuan Chen

    Inner Mongolia Maowusu Biomass Cogeneration Co.,Ltd.
    General Manager
  • De Yuan

    State Power Investment Corporation
    Chief Enginee
  • Yikang Dou

    Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute
    Chief Engineer
  • Shubin Niu

    Golden Concord Holdings Limited
    Technical Director
  • Jiangling Neng

    Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd
    Technical Director
  • Fenghuai Liu

    Jinan Boiler Group Co., Ltd
    Deputy General Manager
  • Junhua Mao

    Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd.
    Chief Engineer
  • Xiaofeng Qian

    Wuxi Teneng Power Machinery Co., Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Yuanna Zhou

    Hangzhou HollySys Automation Co.,
    Ltd CEO
  • Zhenhang Jia

    Energy Saving Professional Committee of China Rural Energy Association
    Secretary General
  • Haibo Meng

    Rural Energy and Environmental Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Engineering
    Deputy Director
  • Fei Qin

    Guangzhou Devotion Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Technical Director and GM of Park project department,
  • Qichao Shao,

    New Energy Center, Everbright Environmental Protection Holdings Limited
    General Manager
  • Dato’Leong Kin Mun

    Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation
  • Liji Wang

    Beijing Aoke Ruifeng New Energy Co., Ltd
    Deputy General Manager
  • Wenhu Zheng

    Korea Rosht Equipment (China) Co.,Ltd
    General Manager
  • Jianbin Kang

    Beijing Nowva Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Jianbin Kang

    Beijing Nowva Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
    General Manager
  • Junhua Mao

    Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co., Ltd.
    Chief Engineer
  • Lingfang Li

    Muyang Biomass Engineering
    Technical Director
  • Chaohui Tan

    Jiangsu Jinwu Machinery Co., Ltd
    Deputy General Manager
  • Xiaoliang Yang

    Hebei Tiantai Biomass Energy Development Co., Ltd
    General Manager
  • Chengjun Guo

    Zhangqiu Yulong Machinery Co.,Ltd
    General Manager
  • Hao Hong

    Chairman of the Board, Great Resources (Hui Nan) Co.,Ltd.
  • Yongsheng Chen

    Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of MOA
  • Fenghuai Liu

    Jinan Boiler Group Co., Ltd.
    Deputy General Manager
  • Lili Xing

    Beijing Laowan Bio-energy Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Jianjun Zhang

    Huayuan Machinery
    Vice President
  • Hongru Xiao

    Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of MOA

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